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What NV setup to buy = Headache

Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:47 pm

Hi all,
Just purchased a .177 rifle and need a NV setup with recording facility. I only shoot rats and usually shoot between 10yds -30yds.
I've looked so far at 1. Yukon Photons from the new RT range with onboard recording (expensive)
2. Yukon Photon XT and add a Yukon mpr (not much cheaper)
3. Scope plus Homebrew kit with Yukon mpr
( a lot cheaper).

Angel eye from Maplin are discontinued and not available anymore ( wish I kept mine, as a lot cheaper than Yukon mpr producing the same results I believe).
I believe the Photons don't give much flexibility when focusing/ zooming in to shoot rats at different ranges? If true, then the homebrew offers more flexibility.
Advise would be much appreciated from people who have used all the above.
Thank you

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